For several years, Apple And Samsung carelessly dominate the smartphone market. In 2023, the Cupertino company in particular has achieved something a great year. But if technology enthusiasts get excited every time new smartphones from this or that brand are presented with more and more modern models, reality catches up with consumers. Premium smartphones are a dream, but it’s the cheaper models that are particularly attractive. This makes the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G, which launched for 219 euros, the best-selling Android smartphone in the world in 2023.

But which is the best-selling phone of all time? Forget smartphones: to find the answer, you have to go back two decades. Telephones were used back then Above all call, send text… and play Snake.

Nokia, king of phones

Apple, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi… Despite all these competitors, the best-selling phone of all time is a Nokia. And contrary to expectations, it isn’t the famous Nokia 3310 Who is the lucky one. For good reason: “only” 126 million units of this reference phone were sold. Apparently we are experiencing one surprise after another.

Those who are not so young may remember the Nokia 1100. It was launched in August 2003 and is the best-selling phone of all time with more than 250 million units sold. With its monochrome screen with a resolution of 96 x 65 pixels and its long battery life (thanks to a BL-5C battery), the Nokia 1100 had enough to win the hearts of users of the time who were looking for the essentials. To give you an idea, the Nokia 1100 could only store 50 SMS messages. Not one more. Nowadays we often tend to forget the limitations of old phones.

Nokia 1100

In its press release on the occasion of the market launch of the Nokia 1100, the Finnish manufacturer speaks of a model range “reliable and accessible communication for new and growing markets”. In fact, the Nokia 1100 was intended for emerging countries such as Russia, India and China.

So the Nokia 1100 took care of Nokia’s business for six years and became part of the daily lives of many users. In 2009, a software bug allowed hackers to reprogram the software to obtain temporary passwords that banks sent via SMS during online transactions, thereby recovering valuable banking information.

Today Nokia seems to be 1100 light years away. However, it remains the best-selling phone in the world. In 2014, Apple almost beat the Finnish manufacturer by the point. With its iPhone 6 selling more than 220 million units, the Cupertino company almost believed it.

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