A few days ago, numerous rumors sparked the video game planet the possibility of many Xbox exclusives (Starfield, Halo, Hellblade 2, etc.) ending up on PlayStation 5. Worse, some spoke of the end of the Xbox brand and/or even the abandonment of the physical market altogether. During a public meeting with Xbox employees, Phil was keen to reassure Spencer, particularly when it comes to Xbox consoles.

Xbox’s fate was confirmed this week

According to journalist Shannon Liao, Phil Spencer told employees that this was “not the case.”There are no plans to stop producing consoles and Xboxes will continue to be part of a strategy that spans multiple device types.“In all likelihood, Xbox is still busy developing consoles.

Of course, this in no way explains the fact that Xbox could completely abandon the physical market by launching a new series. This is to be clarified this week, with a date confirmed by Phil Spencer a few days ago.

The big man of the Xbox division will actually “Share his vision for the future of Xbox” with the players later this week. On this occasion, we assume that the American giant will clarify its direction regarding its Microsoft Studios games that could prevail in the competition. In which form? At what pace? We have to wait a while until we get all the answers.

If Starfield was THE big Microsoft exclusive last year (also with the new Forza Motorsport), it’s a certain Hellblade 2 that may be responsible for driving sales and interest in the Xbox ecosystem this year. However, note that this Hellblade 2 skips sales in physical format for digital marketing only (like Alan Wake 2 before it).

According to recent rumors, the future Xbox could be supported by a completely new team, namely the designers at Surface. So Microsoft’s future machine could take on a completely new silhouette, we’ll now see if it draws a line under our good old hard drives…

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