The government scheme, launched with enthusiasm last December and allowing the most modest French people to rent an electric car at an advantageous price, will come to an early end.

In order to promote ecological change and at the same time strengthen the purchasing power of households, this initiative provided for social leasing monthly payments between 100 and 150 euros for electric vehicles. However, given the huge demand and urgent budget considerations, the Executive has decided to end this offer in the coming days.

Too expensive, son

A few days earlier, The world already mentioned This premature end to the system. At issue is the unexpected success of the program, which far exceeded expectations At the end of January, more than 90,000 requests were registered, reaching an initial target of 20,000 validated orders.

To date, more than 50,000 orders were fulfilled. While this influx shows the French people’s keen interest in electromobility, it also highlights that the price of electric cars is the main barrier to purchase.

Too expensive for the French, the electric car is also too expensive for the state. In fact, the cost of the system to public finances, with an investment of 13,000 euros per vehicle through the combination of the environmental bonus and an additional premium, raises questions about its financial viability in the current context of budgetary discipline advocated by Bercy.

That’s all for now

Eager to end the “whatever it takes” policy and begin a debt reduction process, the government plans to issue a decree “in the next few days” For officially announce the discontinuation of the systemexplains the newspaper The echoes. Information confirmed by AFP.

This decision is also based on the desire for a strategic realignment aimed at favoring electric vehicles from national production. So far, the twenty models that are eligible for social leasing include: only the Renault Megane E-Tech was made in France, most of it comes from Stellantis Factories.

However, the Elysée assures this The bonus of 7,000 euros is intended for low-income households will not be affected this year despite an expected reduction in the basic eco-bonus of at least 1,000 euros. This measure reflects a more measured approach aimed at balancing budgetary needs with environmental and social objectives.

The Minister of Industry and Energy, Roland Lescure, spoke about the need on France 3 “slow down a bit” to promote national production “Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate…” in the future. He promises new announcements from here”End of the year or beginning of next year”. Let’s wait and see.

  • The state will announce the end of social leasing in the coming days
  • The system has far exceeded expectations, but is too costly for the state
  • The government promises new regulations by the end of the year or early next year

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