It is clear that drivers are increasingly becoming victims of fraud. While we were talking about this last week The rearview mirror scamToday we look at the case of parking meter fraud, which is increasingly practiced in France and can cost you dearly.

How it works ?

According to our colleagues from the specialist side The Argus, there are several operating modes. In the first case, the thief approaches his target with cash. He then asks her to pay for her parking space and explains that the parking meter doesn’t take change. It promises an immediate refund once the operation is completed. In reality, this criminal will observe your confidential code before stealing your card.

In a second variant, fraudsters primarily target older people or people who are considered to be at risk. They then offer to help them pay for parking. In some cases, they even pretend to be part of the staff operating the machines or pose as members of law enforcement. They then explain to their target that the card was captured by the parking meter and then disappear with the credit card and the code.

How do you protect yourself from risks?

It is understood that in the two cases mentioned, the damage to the victims can be significant. Therefore, it is advisable to develop certain reflexes to prevent the worst from happening. You must therefore enter your code by hiding the keypad with your hand when someone is watching you. Also, get into the habit of locking your bag. In fact, thieves may attempt to steal an item before fleeing if they realize their scam attempt isn’t working.

Quoted from our colleagues La Dépêche du MidiState police advise you to always check that you have your card in your hand when someone approaches you. In the event of theft, you should also remember to block your card immediately, either through your bank’s platform or by contacting us directly. Finally, you can report the matter to the authorities by calling 17.

Unfortunately, parking meter scams are on the rise in France and several cases have already been reported in Toulouse, Aubagne, Laval and even Gers. Be careful.

What you need to consider:

  • Parking meter fraud is causing chaos in France
  • Scammers come after you when you pay for parking
  • Your goal is to recover your bank card and code. To do this, they use several tricks that you have to recognize.

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