At least we don’t know the code name that we call by default Nintendo Switch 2 is making a lot of noise at the moment. While The Japanese giant recently denied its existence, we know very well that the next console has been in the works for a long time. Given that The desk There is an unusually long operating time 7 years next MarchEverything indicates that the console should arrive soon.

This year we hope so, although sales of Nintendo’s current console are still very strong, which could lead the manufacturer to postpone the release of its Switch 2, who knows. However, the rumors have intensified recently and a common conclusion has been reached.

A return to LCD?

Nintendo Switch OLED

While Nintendo made the excellent choice an OLED screen In his latest Switch proposal, a flashback would be planned this time. While OLED screens offer much better viewing angles, more intense colors and infinite contrast, Should Nintendo’s next console bring back LCD screens?

According to Hiroshi Hayase, analyst at Omdia, the number of LCD screens on certain assembly lines that have worked with Nintendo in the past has doubled recently, with the latter believing that this phenomenon is linked to the production of the Switch 2. The information was confirmed by the very serious American media Bloombergwhich gives him even more recognition.

That’s what it teaches us too The next console would come with an 8-inch screen with 1080p resolutionwhich is still somewhat of a step up from the Switch’s current 7-inch 720p screen.

Powered by NVIDIA

While NVIDIA has just released its new graphics cards: the 4070, 4070 Ti and 4080 SUPERThe manufacturer is likely to continue its rise to the stars soon.

If you believe the historical press agency Reuters, NVIDIA will provide a custom chip for the next Nintendo console. Knowing that the current switch has a processor NVIDIA Tegra X1the information seems obvious anyway.

The Switch 2 should be backwards compatible

Backward compatibility is an element that has often been valued throughout Nintendo’s history. The Wii that allows playing GameCube games, the Wii U of Wii games, the DS of GBA games… You will have understood that many gamers who have invested so much in the console and 139.36 million copies sold, would be very disappointed that the backwards compatibility of the Switch will not be guaranteed on the next Nintendo console.

With 1,200 million games sold worldwide, it would be a disappointment for Nintendo not to offer this service. The latest rumors evoke this Backward compatibility of games in dematerialized format, but also physical. Developers therefore have the opportunity to do thisTechnically improve older titles on the Switch 2.

A rumor that would probably confirm the official announcement made by the current president of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawawho explained this last year Nintendo Online would play a key role in the transition between the Switch and Nintendo’s next console.

An announcement of the Nintendo Switch 2 in March

Nintendo Direct logo

If the rumors that evoke the characteristics of the future console are exciting, there is one in particular that is making the masses excited. As a matter of fact, The big unknown remains the Switch 2 announcement datea date that has been speculated about for years.

You will probably have already noticed that despite “insider information” from some unscrupulous Youtubers who use this information to attract clicks, Currently no information is true and official. So if we have to wait for Nintendo’s official announcement, The latest rumors point to an announcement towards the end of the fiscal year around Marchwhich would coincide with the anniversary of the current Switch.

The Switch 2 would then arrive at the end of the year, and if that is the case, the packaging of a new Nintendo console I’m leaving just before Christmas would be secured. According to the latest rumors, it can still be enjoyed with a pinch of salt, The console would abandon the concept of the detachable Joy-Con, to offer a more conventional design and resemble a large Switch Lite. Hopefully this time Nintendo has learned its lesson and used hall effect joysticks that make drifting impossible.

  • according to rumours Nintendo is expected to announce its next console as early as March this yearFor a release in November 2024.
  • This should be guided by It features an NVIDIA chip, an 8-inch 1080p LCD screen, and is backwards compatible with physical and digital Switch games.
  • Seemingly, Nintendo would abandon the detachable controller concept for a shape similar to a large Switch Lite.

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