After the Cookéo the Thermomix and Mr. Kitchen, the new phenomenon in French kitchens is called Airfryer. According to the Group of Home Appliance Brands (Gifam) one million units were sold in 2023, A number impressive enough to qualify the Airfryer as a phenomenon.

As “Cook everything” robotThe Airfryer craze highlights a profound shift in the way we think about home cooking. Therefore, although the small home appliance market is stagnating after a peak due to successive restrictions, a new champion has emerged.

With a 77% increase in sales over the course of a year, the Airfryer has blown up the counters and left multicookers, multifunctional robots and baking robots far behind. Gifam announces that the Airfryer has tripled its sales within a year, making it the current star device.

Innovative and practical

This popularity can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the Airfryer responds to the pursuit of novelty and simplicity at an affordable price. For French consumers busy with their work and the whims of everyday life, anything is good to cook faster. With an average purchase price of just 99 eurosThe Airfryer is one of the most affordable culinary innovations.

In addition, it is part of a healthier approach to cooking – a big problem for eight out of ten French people – the Airfryer requires almost no fat. For example, a small spoonful of oil is enough to make fries for the whole family, significantly reducing fat intake without sacrificing taste.

Finally, An air fryer can use up to 60% less energy than conventional cooking appliances. What Reduce energy billsan important source of savings for the French in times of inflation.

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The potato air fryer

Another advantage of the Airfyer is that it can prepare not only fries, but a wide range of dishes, from starters to desserts. Some models also offer enough space for a whole chicken and fries for the whole family. Other types of meat, fish or vegetables can also be prepared there, although the fat content is always limited.

Users can explore a variety of recipes. We also saw landings on reference sites and applications for several months (Marmiton750g etc.) specific recipes for the air fryer. The best part is that these appliances require little maintenance and most can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Very simple, we said.

Temporary phenomenon of the air fryer? No way. This is shown by a study by Gifam from November 2023 44% of unequipped French people think it would be useful to have an air fryer at home. This impressive number suggests that this trend could continue to grow in 2024 and the air fryer will become a must-have in French kitchens.

  • In 2023, 1 million Airfryers will conquer French households
  • Their price, simplicity and ability to prepare a variety of healthier recipes have attracted the French
  • According to GIFAM, the phenomenon is likely to continue or even increase in 2023

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