It’s been a few years now since “Exclusive“The PlayStation is finally coming to our beloved PCs. This is particularly the case with God of War., but also the Horizon saga (the first PS4 exclusive game ported to PC), without forgetting The Last of Us, to name a few. Recently, a certain Helldivers 2 was released simultaneously on PS5 and Steam, to great success. A trend that Sony boss Hiroki Totoki wants to accelerate.

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Towards “multiplatform” PlayStation games?

While Microsoft will unveil this evening “the future of XboxSince there are many rumors pointing to the launch of Xbox games on our other media, PlayStation wants to do the same for its exclusive titles.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 in preparation from Sony?
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In his latest reportAccording to Sony CEO, gamers should be able to enjoy home games.not only on PlayStation, but also on other platforms, such as computers. This can help improve profits, so this is another point we want to work on proactively“says the CEO of Sony.

This will be a big change for Sony, as PlayStation Studios director Herman Hulst indicated just two years ago that he would like the PC port of the games to be released at home by a year (at least) compared to theirs wants launch on PS5 to benefit the home ecosystem.

Note that Hiroki Totoki also talked about another point regarding the PS5, namely its selling price. As a matter of fact, despite the recent launch of a PS5 Slim, the price of the console was never reduced… worse, it went from €499 in 2020 to €549 today. Due to a cost reduction that is difficult to achieve, prices are not expected to fall any time soon.

Sony should not release a game in 2024.significant“But the PS5 will still welcome some highly anticipated titles, Starting with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in a few dayswithout forgetting (we hope) the remakes of Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.

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