Nvidia is now more than worth it Google or Amazon on the New York Stock Exchange. This is the damning observation that the market has been showing for several hours. The founder can now boast a capitalization that corresponds to his sales figures: about 1,825 billion US dollars. For comparison, that’s $5 billion more than Alphabet, and Amazon is only worth $1.776 billion as of this writing.

If this name doesn’t mean anything to you, know that today the Nvidia company presents itself as the main competitor to AMD or Intel in the computer processor market. More specifically, Nvidia specializes in graphics cards. For some time now, the company has also been designing solutions based on artificial intelligence, thereby convincing major players in the areas of health, financial services and even retail. AI is also preferred by the publisher to improve the cybersecurity of its customers and offer solutions to detect fraud, combat ransomware or combat phishing attempts. Advantages intended primarily for professionals, but whose advantages still need to be put into perspective given the lower costs that Simple offers Antivirus General public.

Nvidia is also talking about equipping restaurants with AI. The developer knows how to design programs that integrate speech recognition into ordering terminals. Pizza delivery service Domino’s is also known for leveraging the brand’s RAPIDS libraries for its inventory management (prediction and optimization). Given this value proposition, virtual machines from Azure Data Science (Microsoft) and IBM Watson are also international benchmarks.

Amazing numbers…

How did Nvidia almost quadruple its valuation in just one year? Today its stock trades on Wall Street for $739, while at the beginning of 2023 it was valued at less than $200. A success that can certainly be described as phenomenal, given the weak results of PC brands that are struggling to cope with the crisis.

In particular, this could be explained by increasing revenues, which rose from $24.27 billion in 2021 to almost $28.5 billion in 2022, representing sales of around $45 billion in the last two calendar half-years corresponds. Let’s not forget that TSMC, currently the second largest company in the Big Apple, is still suffering greatly from the consequences of the (moderate) risks of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

In particular, TSMC develops all the chips that the new Macs are now equipped with. iPhone and iPad available in the Apple Store. The A17 Pro processor in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is largely thanks to the brains of the Asian founder. The latter would also work on the future M4 motherboard, expected for a MacBook Pro and an iMac in late 2024 or even next year.

And tomorrow ?

Despite everything, analysts no longer all agree that growth will still be necessary in the coming weeks. In addition, after a significant increase in the value of a share, as Nvidia has experienced in the last few months, the trend is generally towards calm or even resale – and on a large scale. This applies even more to material that ultimately represents a minority in the creative economy and with which not everyone always agrees. MarketWatch (a subsidiary of Dow Jones) says analysts’ estimates today don’t exceed $710 on average, still nearly 5% less than the current value of an NVDA share.

  • Nvidia now weighs more than Google or Amazon
  • The company develops graphics processors for consumer computers
  • Nvidia also offers artificial intelligence solutions, but these are aimed more at professionals

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