Subscribers are waiting impatiently Avatar: The Last AirbenderSeason 6 of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny or The 3-body problem At Netflixthe streaming platform has some surprises in store for us.

In fact, if you like crazy programs, you should be served with the upcoming release of Chicken Nuggets. You remember Honey, did I shrink the kids?. GOOD. Now imagine a woman turning into a chicken nugget… It’s still hard to know if it’s another goose that lays golden eggs Netflix or a future monumental failure.

Chicken Nugget: a South Korean series that is out of the ordinary

The summary of Chicken Nuggets sounds like a fever dream… Choi Min-ah is the daughter of a company president. When she enters a mysterious machine, convinced that it is a device that will help her combat her fatigue, her life turns upside down: she accidentally turns into a chicken nugget… her father and her Secret admirers will then do everything they can to ensure that she regains her human form.

Given the plot, which involves a young woman being turned into a fried chicken ball complete with Dakgangjeong sauce, there’s reason to raise eyebrows. As a matter of fact, Chicken Nuggets has the potential to be a dismal failure… Or a brilliant idea that will make fans of absurd and crazy humor die of laughter.

The South Korean series Chicken Nuggets is inspired by a webtoon of the same name (comics from South Korea to read on smartphones; editor’s note) that has won over readers… So much so that Netflix wanted to offer it an adaptation worthy of the name. Chicken Nuggets will consist of 12 episodes.

When casting Chicken Nuggets ? Ryu Seung-ryong, a key actor in South Korean cinema (Miracle in cell number 7 ; Korean fried chicken) was chosen to play this father who is desperate to find his daughter. For his part, Jae-hong Ahn (mask girl) plays the role of the company intern who is in love with Choi Min-ah. Which pushes him to try anything to regain his human form. If you have watched the K-dramas My demon And Girls of the 20th century On Netflix you will recognize actress Kim Yoo-jung as Choi Min-ah. Although she only appears briefly before turning into a nugget…

Genius or total failure? Now we just have to wait to discover the series on Netflix to form our own opinion. Chicken nuggets disembarks March 15, 2024. Are you excited to explore this crazy new series?

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