In 2023, Apple has positioned itself ahead of Samsung as the global number one in smartphones for the first time. While Galaxy smartphone sales have slumped, Apple has held on thanks to growing consumer interest around the world in premium devices. However, if you think that Apple was able to increase its revenue in 2023 by attracting more Android users, you might be wrong. In the USA, according to a study by CIRP, the proportion of Apple customers who owned an Android device was not particularly high.

As CIRP explains, in the US, the vast majority of people who buy an iPhone are already using the iOS platform before making that purchase. But there is also a relatively small but measurable number of people who are switching from Android to iPhone. There has also been no recent notable increase in the American market. It’s exactly the opposite. While 15% of iPhone buyers in the US in 2022 were former Android users, that share will only be 13% in 2023. However, since the CIRP study only refers to the USA, caution is advised.

On the way to premiumizing the market

At the global level, we are currently experiencing a premiumization of the smartphone market. In other words: More and more people are choosing to buy high-end devices instead of mid-range devices. And since Apple specializes in this segment, this trend can help increase sales.

“Apple’s continued success and resilience is largely due to the growing trend toward premium devices, which now represent more than 20% of the market, driven by aggressive trade-in offers and interest-free financing plans.”for example, commented Nabila Popal, research director at IDC, in a report on Smartphone shipments in 2023.

This premiumization was also observed by the company Counterpoint Research. In one reportThis results in global sales of smartphones priced above $600 growing by 6%. Varun Mishra, senior analyst, explains that the importance of smartphones in people’s lives is increasing the tendency to buy expensive devices that last longer. Additionally, owning a current premium smartphone has become a social symbol in certain emerging markets.

  • In 2023, Apple dominated the smartphone market thanks to a surge in iPhone shipments, while Samsung experienced a sharp decline
  • However, an American study shows that in the US the proportion of people switching from an Android device to an iPhone has remained stable
  • With more and more people around the world becoming interested in high-end devices, Apple definitely has an opportunity to boost its sales

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