— Article in collaboration with Surfshark —

Hello friends, this morning we are going to look at the complete protection solution for Surfshark VPN that I have mentioned the sequel to Surfshark One. Because in case you don’t know yet: The shark company now offers much more than what it started with in 2018, namely a simple VPN tool.

The company not only positions itself among the best VPNs in terms of price-performance ratio, but has also expanded its offering with building blocks. Beyond the VPN subscription alone, for a few months now we have had a security layer, Surfshark One, which also includes an antivirus (based on the Avira detection engine), a search engine, an alert system, an ad blocker and even an alternative identity creation tool. The complete suite is very lightweight, can be managed from the same dashboard and of course allows for manual or scheduled analysis.

The goal of this toolbox is to provide us with everything we need to be protected from various attacks, threats, etc. while preserving our privacy as much as possible. And manage everything for us. Because if you’re like me, you must realize that there are better things to do with your days than keeping up to date with the various risks that pop up on the internet every day.

That’s why Surfshark will take care of it this real-time monitoring. They already update their antivirus constantly (every 3 hours) and their lists of malicious websites, viruses and other corrupt software to be blocked. But they also analyze everything you download, monitor abnormal use of your webcam, phishing attempts or other lesser-known threats (dangerous files in your emails, scareware, etc.). For example, they use a system called Cloud Protectwhich scans documents into a kind of buffer zone before they arrive on your device.

As for the search engine and notification options, they are quite simple to understand, but no less interesting. The first option allows you to perform searches without your data being filtered by the search engines and without the results being displayed according to your personal footprint. The second monitors the underbelly of the Internet to see if information about you is circulating (and notifies you if anything is found).

The hunt for personal data is at its peak, it is the new black gold of the digital world. If you have followed the news a little in the last few months, you must have seen that not only were the leaks numerous, but above all that their scope was impressive. As for the USA, there are more than 3,200 leaks listed there for 2023… including Discord twice, 23andMe twice, Duolingo, Sony, Reddit twice, Roblox, Chatgprouté, PayPal & Co. Everyone goes through this. or almost. Of course it’s less bad here, because as we know the leaks stop at our borders (haha, in reality we are). The fourth most affected country in the world).

And in January of this year alone we saw an attack on Trello and a 12TB bomb for 26 billion leaked accounts (Linkedin, Tencent, Twitter, Meta, Dropbox, Adobe, Telegram, Canva, Deezer, Dailymotion, VK…). Suffice it to say, you probably have at least one affected account. This leak has even been called the “mother of all security breaches.” Therefore, an email notification system that notifies you as soon as something happens is very convenient to quickly take the necessary actions.

Other big advantages of Surfshark One: It is very easy to configure and protects up to 5 devices in your home. From family desktops to professional laptops, including smartphones or children’s consoles. And this regardless of the browser used under Windows, Android or macOS. Are you worried about having to choose a machine? No problem, everyone can be protected at the same time. Enough to give you a bit of peace of mind if you have young teenagers or older people who aren’t that knowledgeable about good security practices (a completely random example).

You can try Surfshark One risk-free with the 30-day money-back guarantee. In terms of price, you should expect to pay a little less than €92 including taxes for the 2-year subscription, so around €3.8/month. Compared to the VPN version alone, it costs less than 1 euro extra, so almost nothing.