This is a welcome simplification of electric car charging port standards. In one Press releaseStellantis North America, the manufacturer’s North American subsidiary, announces that all new vehicles sold in this market will be withdrawn CCS charging ports to the same charging ports as Teslas.

These much more compact charging ports are sometimes referred to as charging ports “Tesla charging ports” – however, we also know it by this technical name SAE J3400 (otherwise, one has to admit, more of a mnemonic nature). In November 2022, Tesla announced the opening of its charging port to other manufacturers.

Stellantis will switch to Tesla charging ports by 2025

These connectors allow Stellantis vehicles to be connected directly to Tesla Superchargers without special adapters or cables. In the United States, Stellantis benefits from synergistic dynamics. In fact, the manufacturer is building its own network of charging stations called IONNA through a joint venture with six other manufacturers.

Network that allows direct charging of vehicles with both CCS and SAE J3400 connectors. Stellantis is not the first to announce the introduction of Tesla-developed charging ports. Ford was among the first to make the announcement, followed by General Motors, Volkswagen and virtually every major automaker in the U.S. market.

The transition to J3400 ports will occur by 2025, starting with a handful of models sold in North America. During this transition period, Stellantis will continue to sell its vehicles equipped with CCS charging ports with J3400 adapters.

Enough to benefit from the infrastructure of terminals equipped with these connectors, which are understandably on the verge of becoming the majority in the United States – at least in terms of fast charging terminals. Due to the group’s American branch, we do not know whether this choice of technology will be implemented on the European market.

However, a charger that is as compact as it is powerful already seems to be established by other manufacturers on the Old Continent, so there is little doubt that we will find it in many new electric cars here in the future. close.

Tesla’s strategy, the has opened its network of superchargers for some time on competing vehicles as well as its charging ports, it certainly seems effective in allowing the manufacturer to expand its influence by showing it is capable of imposing its own standards on the industry.

  • Stellantis North America announces the transition to J3400 ports, also known as “Tesla charging ports,” in a press release.
  • The change will initially occur on a handful of new models sold in North America through 2025.
  • No word yet on Europe.

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