The specialists didn’t see it coming. We are currently seeing on social networks that dozens of Apple Vision Pro buyers are returning the device to the store. The fault lies in what seems to be an unsavory experience for many of them, even if some probably don’t admit that they wanted to test the device above all without the necessary resources. The bad news for the latter is that returning the virtual reality headset to the manufacturer is clearly not the most sensible solution for budget reasons. And for good reason: when we know that the product is sold on eBay for more than eight thousand euros, the choice between the platform and the Apple Store is obvious. Why such a high price, you ask? Simply because the frame is so successful that if you order it today you will have to wait several months to receive it.

The success for the manufacturer therefore largely remains, at least according to most of the tests from vloggers and technology journalists available on the Internet. Despite everything, some disadvantages remain and are really not the most negligible. Above all, the question of comfort appears to be the most common in the statements of those who decide to return the Vision Pro to its manufacturer. A hot topic that the head of Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) tackles without hesitation: Mark Zuckerberg. Within a current brochure for his own virtual reality headset, namely the Meta Task 3, the manager subtly castigates the burden on the system. This can reach up to almost 650 grams, while the Palo Alto alternative performs significantly better. And of course the price also speaks for Meta – even if the Quest Pro remains the benchmark when it comes to comparing the company’s products with those of Apple.

What sticks?

Among other nuanced opinions on the Apple Vision Pro, many also believe that the experience isn’t as “bluffing” as it seems. Are they fair? not ready” ? After checking, it seems that the same testers actually mainly criticized immersion solutions that ultimately never really impressed in 360 degrees, such as the virtual cinema. Furthermore, it is true that the competition does significantly better when it comes to playing video games. Especially Sony with PlayStation VR. However, those who limit themselves to gaming only forget that the Vision Pro, as the name suggests, is primarily intended for real professionals. Videographers, editors, and other Sunday influencers continue to praise the device’s massive productivity capacity. Safari, Numbers or even Numerics software runs smoothly and the ability to create as many fictitious screens as you want is light years away from a bulky physical workstation equipped with third-party cables and monitors. external.

Some feedback to be taken into account therefore reports frequent headaches, even in the first minutes of use. However, this is the type of most virtual reality headsets on the market and it is very likely that users suffering from this problem will also encounter it with Sony or Meta. Apple also advises against equipping epileptics with the Vision Pro: that would be like holding out a stick to hit them.

Other risky use cases can be identified with the Vision Pro. For example, it is obvious that its use when driving a vehicle on the open road is not recommended, especially when we know that the accident detection function included in iPhones and Apple Watches is not suitable. The part with visionOS. The operating system’s proprietary publisher also recommends that pregnant women not wear the headset. Others will disagree for the sake of sustainable development, but this is not always the time for dark humor.

Analysts wash their hands

For investors who have bet on Apple shares on the Wall Street stock exchange, this does not seem to be an issue. AAPL stock had already been on a tear following Vision Pro’s announcement at the Worldwide Developer Conference last June, and the trend is still generally strong. Of course, any bet of this type carries risks that must be known. But researchers at specialized firms such as Ming-Chi Kuo (TFI Securities) or Jeff Pu (Haitong) are clearly targeting a stock value of almost $250 for Cupertino lines by the end of 2024. And it is above all the Vision Pro that will be at the top of the Apple Group’s new sales drivers for the coming semesters. More specifically the range, as the current model is often (incorrectly) considered a beta version.

Apple plans to launch a new model soon or perhaps even in 2025. This new edition would finally be lighter and more affordable, although you might have to ignore the 4K resolution and performance. However, this shouldn’t bother digital nomads and other entrepreneurs, the headset’s obvious targets, quite the opposite.

Finally, you should know that Apple was rumored to sell up to 150,000 Vision Pros in 2024, but sales have already far exceeded forecasts. Internally, there was a difference of around 30%, with 200,000 units being well received by the general public. There is therefore almost no doubt that the final results for 2024 could simply double the number of the original estimates. And are you planning to treat yourself to a helmet?

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