After TF1 at the beginning of January, it is now M6’s turn to announce the launch of its streaming platform. If we have to wait until March 6 for the official presentation of this new service, Nicolas de Tavernost, the outgoing CEO of the group, has just given some information on the subject. Here’s what we already know about this initiative.

What will this streaming platform look like?

It happened during an interview at Figaro that Nicolas de Tavernos has announced the upcoming launch of M6+. The manager emphasizes:

We have developed a plan that we will unveil on March 6th, around a new platform called M6+; We have been waiting, on the one hand, for the definition of SIG and, on the other hand, for the strengthening of program acquisitions to present our acceleration plan, which will also include technological novelties thanks to our European subsidiary of Bedrock Technology (a company with several hundred employees), it is on personalization and content recommendation specialized (Editor’s note).

In terms of programming, the M6 ​​Group wants to rely on its 6Play service, which has been in existence since 2008. It has clear and ambitious goals: to double streaming consumption and triple the revenue from this activity.

M6 on the trail of TF1

M6, which almost merged with TF1, follows in the footsteps of the first channel to launch TF1+ last January. The idea, in turn, is to meet the needs of viewers who watch less and less live television and want to watch their content at any time and on all types of screens, while benefiting from pleasant and exclusive features. You can always too Read our article about TF1+ here again. Have you already tried this service? And if so, do you think it’s on par? Tell us in the comments?

Tough advertising competition

For TF1 and M6 it is also about responding to the offensive of the major American players in the industry. Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, all of which have launched an advertising subscription offer. These newcomers are dangerous to these historic players and they therefore intend to react as the streaming giants attack the core of their business model.

What you need to consider:

  • M6 formalizes the launch of its streaming service: M6+
  • The idea is to build on the existing 6Play playback service and offer new features to users
  • M6 and TF1 are also responding to the American streaming giants who are now eyeing the advertising market

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